Path to the World Kumtaş Lojistik Dış Tic.A.Ş.

The company also adds value to its customers not only do not.

Kumtaş Lojistik Dış Tic.A.Ş ;

Since 2003, the formation of a network operating in Romania in 2011 with our new office all types of logistics, transport import and export areas we will continue to constitute an important place.

From the year of establishment of international transportation, warehousing - serves in the areas of warehousing and customs clearance. Each day a little more progressive in the transportation industry is committed to openness. Technological need, as well as strategic business conduct standards, and the sector has led to continuously move up. Today many outstanding organizations within the country and abroad in the land transport is a long-term partner. Vehicle fleet of young, high-performance and latest technology equipped. Car captains are subjected to continuous in-service training.

Is a permanent member of the national and international industry associations. Also with the ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate of the services are under international quality assurance at every stage. Europe's leading counterpart long-term strategic cooperation agreement signed with the company and have a strong network has been. In the development process from the same sector investments in different service areas, our company expanded its service network is maintained.

Nearly a quarter century of corporate culture and its members are graduates of elite universities of our country and the world. Our customers in the country responsible for the country they serve excellent level of those who know the language they use. Our captains have all the certificates in the field of vehicle experienced staff houses. International Road Transport, General Warehousing and Warehousing, Import-Export, Customs Clearance, Domestic Public Distribution and Collection, Heavy Transportation and Special Projects provides services in the areas of Transportation.

Greater success, together, by dude mutual trust, hope to reach ….

Cmr / insurance

CMR Convention on civil liability arising from their conditions and limits specified in the policy is guaranteed.

Storage Services

Our company has customers throughout the supply chain to reduce total operating costs and aims to improve processes.

Customs Clearance Services

Gümrük Mevzuatı ile ilgili kanun ve yönetmelikler dahilinde müşavirlik hizmeti verilmekte ve yasal yukumlulukler hakkında bilgilendirme yapılmaktadır.

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