Path to the World Kumtaş Lojistik Dış Tic.A.Ş.

The company also adds value to its customers not only do not.

We Kumtaş Lojistik Dış Tic.A.Ş as;

International freight forwarding and logistics services, world-class quality, innovative, reliable, environmentally friendly service with the understanding that our quality management system according to customer requirements in the plan and the requirements of the procurement, service creation, marketing and after sales services at all stages systematic structure, aiming to provide services of the services provided today in accordance with rapidly changing conditions and emerging technologies, to ensure efficient and effective quality management system to comply with the terms of our activities to continuously improve our quality policy.

Vision: a maturing experience, superior technological infrastructure, absolute customer satisfaction and continuous service with the assurance become the market leader in its sector by consolidating.

Mission: the power of teamwork, the use of technology in the power, the power of experience, we believe in the power of discipline. Our national interests beyond what we believe to implement and perfectionism is our mission to make continuous.

Our Values: Sincerity, development, integrity / confidentiality, being a pioneer sentences constitute the key to our quality policy.

Sincerity: our customers, our suppliers, to each other, to our families, to be sincere in the world, inside and giving confidence to approach and transparency makes us successful as we are to look.

Development: We know that without development experience is not helpful. Our team, our business, our customers with new proposals and business disciplines, with the first non-stop for a moment to move our industry into the future development path we take effort to.

Honesty / Privacy: Customers ships must be full-time at the desired location. Soon as you receive the delivery confirmation we start working. Origin, destination, road conditions while maintaining the robustness of ships to the destination cultivating elements, send the importance of privacy are priorities for us.

Be a pioneer: do not forget that the race times, we need to be fast. Determine alternative routes, we fold our speed. Customers like to follow every moment of their ships, technological infrastructure of our arrival to departure we meet our customers step by step shipment. Special attention is needed in projects provides consulting services to our customers, the way we show.

Our slats are always going up and we're always developing new methods. To increase our motivation to find solutions and new business as the company's management, we bring together all the employees performance-enhancing in-house meals and meetings are..

Greater achievements, all together, by mutual trust, dude, hoping to reach ….

Cmr / insurance

Legal responsibilities arising from the CMR Convention, conditions and limits specified in the policy is guaranteed.

Storage Services

Our company has customers throughout the supply chain to reduce total operating costs and aims to improve processes.

Customs Clearance Services

Customs Law and relevant laws and regulations within the consultancy services are provided and are informed about legal obligations.

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